Directions - an integrated web site, order processing and reporting platform

Peppler and Associates has been working with companies like yours for over 30 years. DIRECTIONS takes advantage of "best-of-breed" partners to provide internet and catalog direct marketers with software that drives their businesses forward in Order Fulfillment, Warehouse Management, Purchasing and Marketing.

Peppler and Associates supports the Directions database on IBM Power Servers in your location. Power Servers are unrivaled in reliability and availability. Web and application servers may be IBM Power Server with AIX, or non-IBM servers running Windows or Linux.

Implementation steps

1. After our initial conversation, we will set up some of your item information in our Directions demonstration database. We will then have our first Directions system review conference. You will be able to review Directions business processes, from call center and web order entry, through order fulfillment. We will also review the product side, from item set-up, through purchasing, receiving, and warehouse management.
2. The initial review session will probably uncover some specific issues you want to address with a new system. We will prepare data for these issues and have another review session to address the remaining issues.
3. If these sessions go well and you think Directions may be a solution, one of our technical people will visit your office and warehouse for a detailed system review. This is our due diligence and is at no cost to you.
4. After the onsite visit we will prepare an detailed implementation plan. This will include initial conversion, planned customization, training, and final conversion. You will know all costs before the project is started.
5. Then we start...