Order Entry & Customer Service

Order Entry is the heart of any business system. It is more than just recording information about a sale; it is the record of a relationship that is developed between your company and a customer. It is a promise for you to send a product, and for the customer to pay for it. DIRECTIONS builds a single database that will grow over time and provide you with information on how to repeat this sale in the future. It lets you plan purchases with your vendors and gives your CSRs the tools they need to truly be your front line sales team, not just order takers.

DIRECTIONS approach to Order Entry is comprehensive. CSRs have inventory stock status, customer order and transaction history, and promotion information at their fingertips. They will be problem solvers and customer managers. B2B and B2C businesses can emphasize the special requirements that each need. Companies with the need for multiple recipients in an order will find it in DIRECTIONS.

Peppler & Associates will help you tailor order entry to meet the specific requirements of your company. You do not need to fit into a mold--DIRECTIONS is a flexible and versatile solution for direct marketing companies of many types and sizes.

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Customer Search
Integrated with web Order Entry for Customer Service
Real-time Credit Card Authorization
Inventory across multiple sites and warehouses
Multiple Company
Multiple Prices driven by source or promotion
Multiple ship-tos/recipients
Order comments
Shipping comments
Item search by number or description
Drop ship orders
Serial and lot number tracking
Return authorization tracking
Call tags
Up-sell and cross-sell
Ship-via options
E mail integration
Multiple tax jurisdictions
Promotional selling subsystem
User defined fields and attributes
Catalog Requests
Customer Service
Accounts Receivable/Credit Limits
Duplicate customer’s previous order with one click
Customer specified gift receipt dates and shipping methods
Club Plans
Personalization information captured by call center and on the web