E−commerce & Website

DIRECTIONS is not a canned ecommerce site; anyone can make a shopping cart. Instead DIRECTIONS is completely customizable by your designer. They have control of the look and feel and flow of your site.

See our Case Studies to see how our customers have used the DIRECTIONS framework to achieve distinctive web sites.

We will introduce your designer to the Directions framework. Today's web sites are continuous works-in-process to stay current and relevant. There are standard and accepted flows for shopping. You don't want to stray too far out of the norm. But you have complete control over the look and feel so you can make changes to highlight your competitive advantages.

DIRECTIONS is a single database for web order entry, call center order entry, purchasing and inventory. Everyone is always looking at the same information. Adding an item to the web can be done by purchasing or inventory control personnel, you do not need a graphics designer; just an image and description. You are in control of your website, you make it relevant to your customers.


B2B or B2C options
Site built and managed by your staff
Real-time credit card processing
Customizable formats/templates
Image sizing options
Unlimited product descriptons
Secure shopping cart checkout
Promotions and sale items featured
Multiple recipients
Standard and personalized messages
Single database for all customer transactions
Order history available to customer
Gift Messages, standard or custom by recipient
Single database for web and call center order entry
Personalization prompting on a line item